Reconstructing breasts

Reconstructing breasts

Reconstructing breasts 

If you have had or about to have undergone or about to undergo a mastectomy because you have either been diagnosed with cancer or fear being a potential cancer patient, perhaps your doctor have told you about breast reconstruction. It’s a surgery the takes place during or shortly after the mastectomy. Sometimes the reconstruction can take place months or even years after removing the tumour. During the reconstruction the plastic surgeon either uses tissues from other organs, or resort to artificial implantation.

Regardless of your age, marital status, or sexual activity you can never predict how you are going to react to losing one or both breasts. It’s absolutely normal to worry and feel sad about losing an important part of your body, a sign of your femininity, a part or your sex life, which makes look beautiful and helps you feed your babies. Now you have the chance to decide what’s going to happen next but you have to think carefully to choose what’s best for you.

A few questions can help you decide the kind of reconstruction you need or whether you need a reconstruction at all:

How important is reconstruction to you?

Can you live with the shape of your breasts after the mastectomy?

Will the reconstruction help feel a complete woman once more?


Do you want to have more surgeries to reconstruct the breast after undergoing a mastectomy or removing the tumor?

It’s also important to know that reconstructing the breast brings back the shape of the breast only, but not the feeling of having a breast, nor the nipples. By time, the tissues of the reconstructed breast can become more sensitive to touching but it won’t be like the original one.