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With suffering, comes mercy. Years ago, Mrs. Baheya Wahby was diagnosed with breast cancer, which made her travel abroad to have the necessary examinations and scans that were not available in Egypt at that time. It is this exact moment that made the dream come true.
“Baheya” noticed how the poor ladies suffered to defeat cancer. She wished she could do something to alleviate such heavy burden. Yet, destiny had another say. She died before fulfilling her dream. Her legacy for her sons was to work on providing a radiotherapy device for patients in order to save them time and cost. Step by step, the dream took other dimensions, when Baheya's family house was transformed into a specialized center for breast cancer treatment, offering its services for free for all the Egyptian women. It included all the necessary devices for the early detection of breast cancer.
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Baheya’s Mission

Our vision

Baheya Foundation seeks to be the first destination for woman's health and safety.

Our Goal

We are a leading non-profit foundation that is founded upon two main principles: sustainability and community partnership. We provide innovative awareness programs specialized in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer while using state-of-the-art technology.

Our Mission

Baheya Foundation strives to provide innovative programs using a multidisciplinary approach that puts the patient as its highest priority. It is an approach that seeks to raise awareness, and achieve early detection and treatment of breast cancer. In addition, Baheya aims to provide educational and emotional support for women using state-of-the-art technology and scientific research through community partnerships, promoting volunteering work and ensuring financial and operational sustainability.

Our Achievements:



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What Makes Baheya Difference

Early detection

Early detection of breast cancer raises the healing rate to more than 98%. Therefore, it is one of our most distinguishing factors. At Baheya, we are always keen on raising awareness of breast cancer among women of different classes and age groups.

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Emotional Support

Our main goal is to support the fighters at Baheya through providing emotional support, care and guidance. We share the patients’ journey at Baheya through engaging them in workshops, art ,drawing and handcrafts activities. We also offer emotional support sessions with specialized coaches.

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Raising Awareness

Believing in the necessity of raising awareness of the importance of doing the breast cancer early detection test among women, Baheya Foundation organizes several external awareness-raising sessions around the year that cover all governorates.

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Medical Care

At Baheya, we strive to support our fighters with premium quality services. We understand the severe health conditions they pass through in their treatment journey. Baheya offers the One Stop Clinic, where patents can have all the necessary examinations in one place, without having to visit different labs and screening rooms.

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