About us

Who we are! The story has started when Mrs. Baheya Wahbi who is the wife of ENG.Ahmed Othman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of her kind heart she decided to help women who fight the disease and poverty to overcome and be cured, Baheya foundation was established in 2015 and it consists of 6 floors and devices with a value of 150 million pounds.
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Baheya’s Mission

Our vision

Baheya Foundation is the premier destination for women's health and safety.

Our message

We are an association that provides innovative programs specialized in awareness, early detection, and treatment of breast cancer, and psychological support for women using the latest technologies.

Our objective

Making sure every Egyptian woman has a sigh of relief

Our Achievements:


ladies monthly



chemotherapy sessions

per month


radiotherapy sessions

per month

What Makes Baheya Difference

Early detection

Early detection of breast cancer has a big role in the rise of cure rates, reaching more than 98%, Baheya foundation is constantly working to raise awareness with early detection importance.

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Psychological support

Keeping our fighters healthy physically and psychologically is our priority, we dedicate efforts to enhance their lives with different activities such as workshops, trips, sessions etc…

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Based on Baheya Foundation’s concern for the need to raise awareness about early detection of breast cancer; It organizes awareness seminars with the aim of covering all governorates.

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