The Laboratory at Baheya Hospital is one of the most prominent laboratories in Egypt and the Arab World. It provides all tests that can help in the early detection of cancers and detection of liver and heart diseases. In addition, it helps in examining and following up with patients suffering from diabetes, anemia, and allergy, in addition to carrying out premarital screening and monitoring patients with endocrine disorders.


The Laboratory at Baheya Hospital follows American quality standards in all test results using standard substances in addition to the barcode and programs that connect all devices with the patient’s number and results to prevent human errors. 


The department sets a practical and scientific plan with a target of taking important steps during the next period that will help get the most accurate results. Baheya Laboratory seeks to provide high-quality laboratory services using the latest technology while prioritizing the needs and desires of the patient. In addition, we work hard to get accurate results, respond to the client’s needs, and provide quick service.


The Lab includes the best physicians and consultants in different medical specialties in addition to the latest medical equipment.


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