Diagnostic Radiology Department

Diagnostic Radiology Department

Baheya Hospital includes one of the best diagnostic radiology departments in Egypt and the Middle East given that it is equipped with the latest devices for breast cancer early detection and treatment.


 The Diagnostic Radiology Department at Baheya includes the latest mammogram devices as well as the latest screening techniques which include a 3D mammogram, CEDM, and stereotactic biopsy.


 The Diagnostic Radiology Department includes modern ultrasonic devices with automatic ultrasonic devices in addition to CT-scan, X-ray, MRI, and DXA equipment in addition to Positron emission mammography (PEM), which is one of the latest devices used for detecting breast cancer which helps in determining the type of required surgery.

Furthermore, a Positron emission tomography (PET) device has been installed at Baheya Hospital recently, as a part of the continuous development plan. This is a key device used for detecting the spread of tumors in the body.