Virtual second opinion?

You have the right to ask “MDT” for a second opinion if you are unsure about your doctor's
suggested medical treatment or a diagnosis.

Ask your doctor to give you a referral to another doctor or medical specialist.

Ask your doctor to send the other medical practitioner any test results or medical history.

Why would you need second opinion?

1. Multidisciplinary Decision-Making Team (M.D.T).

2. M.D.T Is the Key of Success for The Proper Treatment Plan.

3. All Your Decision and Treatment Plans Are Based On M.D.T Concept.

4. Experienced Consultants from All Subspecialties Shares in The Decision Making.

5. Seek For Your Trusted Treatment Plan at Baheya Foundation.

6. Treatment plan is customized for every single patient according to
medical and physical condition as well as past history and medication history.

Our Specialties

Our Doctors

Surgical oncology

Prof. Maher Hassan

Prof. Galal Ghaly

Prof. Hossam Omar

Prof. Waleed Fadl Allah

Prof. Sherif Taher

Dr. Mohamed Fathy


Prof. Amany Hilal

Prof. Ahmed Elbastawisy

Prof. Hanan Ramadan

Prof. Amira Diaa


Prof. Abdul Hamid Foad


Prof. Rasha Kamal

Dr. Rasha Wesam

Dr. Amr Farouk


Dr. Ghada Abdul Salam

Dr. Mahitab Eltohamy

Dr. Hazem Abdul Azim

Dr. Safy Hassan

Dr. Dina Alaswad


Dr. Ahmed Amin Abo Gabal

Dr. Radwa Hamdy

How our program works

Send Required Document

Creation Of Patient File MRN
As (Private 2nd Opinion).

M.D.T Preparation.

M.D.T Discussion & Decision.

Ready to Get Started?

Kindly upload the following documents with your request to receive feedback from our team:

  • 1. Full Patient Name.
  • 2. Copy of Passport.
  • 3. Full Medical History Including Co Morbidities & Medications.
  • 4. Clinical Examination +/- Photo.
  • 5. All Investigation PDF Format.

If you have any issue with the registration. Please send us an email to with subject “Second Opinion Issue” to respond faster to your inquiry.

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