Training Department

Training Department

Training started in Baheya since 2017, we trained 650 students and graduates from different faculties.

Training dept. in Baheya aims at:

Offering medical training and scientific support after graduation for doctors from outside and inside Egypt in all fields that serve breast cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, diagnostic radiology, clinical pharmacy, medical tests and tissue analysis).

Offering medical and laboratory training for students of faculties with relative subjects.

Training courses for students of faculties and institutes of nursing.

Organizing international annual scientific conference about breast cancer.

Students and graduates are trained with different training programs.

First: Student Training

Students from the following faculties are trained, and could apply:

• Faculty of Science, Departments of Chemistry and Physics.

• Faculty of Pharmacy.

• Faculty of Agriculture.

• Faculty of Physiotherapy.

Second: Graduates Training

Graduates from the following faculties are trained, and could apply:

• Faculty of Science.

• Faculty of Pharmacy.

Faculty of medicine (Pathology, Surgery, Physical Therapy and Radiotherapy departments)

The student and graduate receive a certificate, which is accredited by Baheya center, includes training subject and training hours.

The graduation projects are belonging to scientific research department.

Enrollment usually starts for students in April\ November and for graduates in October, January.

For registration and to know more about registration dates and conditions, contact or 01096800026.

Training 2022

If you are student or graduated, You can take your training At Baheya foundation training center.

You can take your training in many departments such as:

•Clinical pharmacy

• Physical Therapy

• chemotherapy

•Radiation therapy

• the lab

• Diagnostic radiology


•Pathology Department

For more details you can call us on: 01096800026

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