Surgery Department

Surgery Department

Patients start their treatment journey at Baheya Hospital with their examination in the surgery clinics where they are medically examined, and the essential screening and samples are requested. The next stage starts after the results. The medical committee coordinates with the physicians to let the multidisciplinary team MDT check the patient’s file. The meeting of the committee is held 6 times a week.


The cases are discussed by the specialized medical committee, then the treatment plan is set by consultants from all the hospital departments. Then, the patient is informed of the decision. Afterward, coordination takes place to book a date for the surgery. Another date is set for the patient’s first visit after the surgery. 


All breast surgeries are carried out in the hospital starting from lumpectomy to mastectomy, tissue-based reconstruction to silicon implants. In addition, sentinel lymph node exsection surgeries are performed to prevent arm swelling after the surgery.