Treatment and side effects

Radiation- therapy:
Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells and reduce the size of tumors. Radiotherapy usually lasts for weeks or months. The duration and frequency of sessions depends entirely on the nature of each case. Radiotherapy is internal or external; Initially it focuses on the cancer area, while in the second it is placed inside the body, or radiated liquid is swallowed or injected; May be combined with surgical treatment for better results.. Side effects of radiation therapy:
-Nausea, mouth sores, esophagitis, and lack of appetite.
-Simple to moderate fatigue
-Skin irritation — such as itching, redness, scaling or blisters.
- Radiation can cause the hairs of the armpits to fall out if directed to the affected area.
-Breast swelling - in some cases: (thickening of the tissue, or skin forming the breast.)
-Increase the dark color of the skin.
-Feeling pain when touching the treated area.
- Expansion in the breast area.

The most popular treatment for cancer is that it stops or slows the growth of its cells, reduces its ability to divide before surgery, and chemotherapy sessions can be completed after surgery to prevent cancer cells from growing again. Chemotherapy side effects:
-Weak immune system, so certain foods are recommended for breast cancer patients.
-Mouth and throat ulcers.
-Hair loss
-Fatigue - immediately after chemotherapy sessions.
-Vomiting and nausea.
-Dehydration - so it is advisable to eat appropriate fluids and foods rich in fiber.
-Diarrhea and constipation.
-Feeling of numbness - due to nerve pain.
-Concentration changes - the patient may lose the ability to focus higher.
-Insomnia In coordination with the attending physician to alleviate all side effects.

Hormone therapy:
Hormone therapy is used as an adjunct therapy to prevent the growth of cancer cells or their multiplication, and is originally used in cases where cancer cells are sensitive to hormones. Side effects:
-Heat flushes.
-Fatigue and tiredness.
-Night sweats
-Mood changes.
-Vaginal dryness and vaginal discharge.
-Muscle pain.
-Decreased sexual desire. Surgery treatment:
It is by removing the tumor... The type of surgery, whether open or minimally invasive, is determined by the condition and stage you are going through.

Side effects:
-Pain is a common side effect.
-Infection: However, coordination with the specialist in Baheya is used to protect the wound until it is completely healed.
-Loss of feeling with the organ "especially in cases of complete mastectomy", which results in some psychological effects
-Lymphoma in the arm "in some cases" and is treated according to the doctor's instructions.
-Shoulder pain and stiffness - Several techniques can be used to reduce pain If you are receiving any type of treatment for breast cancer, do not worry about the side effects, work on it within the treatment plan, and you can defeat it all!