Symptoms and diagnoses

Symptoms of breast cancer

Tumor/lump/flax in the breast or underarm.

Changing the shape or size of the breasts.

Nipple shape or color change: crusts, limping, bounce, excretion.

Altering in the form of breast skin: protrusion, peel, orange peel.

Not ordinary pains.

Early detection of breast cancer

Self-detection week through cycle.

The rotational mammogram is the most accurate.

From the age of 40.

From the age 35, if there is a history of illness in the family,

At any age if there are symptoms.

Risk factors


Genetic factors.

Sick history of (mother, sister, aunt, and father).

Personal history.

Early puberty (13 years) and late menopause (55 years).

Exposure to radiation treatment (in the case of illnesses such as lymphoma).

Some merry breast disease like LCIS or ADH.