Baheya Family Made Me an Entrepreneur

family was the best supporter of me in the days of suffering and pain. Among
them, I never felt lonely as I found all people helping for nothing since my
first day in the hospital. In the beginning, I thought it was all about money,
but I was surprised that all treatment phases were for free, and I was not
charged a pound. Everything provided in Baheya Hospital is free. Furthermore,
breast cancer patients receive emotional and psychological support.” Said Hind
Bughdadi, one of the breast cancer fighters.

Bughdadi Ahmad, a woman in her 40s, is widowed and has her only son as a
dependant. Life went as usual. Her day starts in the morning when she wakes up
to do the housework and takes her only son to his school. Life was very monotonous,
and she hoped for some change to happen, but she never wished to have breast
cancer.  Suddenly, Hind felt pain in the
area of her breast. When she told her friend, she advised her to call Baheya
Hospital at once to be reassured. She called them and after a short while, she
got a phone call from them to schedule an appointment for doing the necessary
tests and scans.  There, she discovered
that she had breast cancer.


describes this moment: “I left the hospital and decided to walk alone on the
street. I was in a flood of tears, and I wanted to scream. The only question I
had in my mind was: What will happen to my only child? Will I leave him alone
as his dad did? I do not remember how many times or how long I walked but I was
very angry, and I wanted to be isolated from the world and my whole life. The
only decision I took was not to tell anyone in the family about the
matter.  I will face cancer with Baheya
Family only”.

never had a job during her lifetime. She was only a housewife. A few years
after her marriage, her husband had an accident that caused him to be crippled
so she was responsible for the family. After she had breast cancer and joined
the Baheya family, her life changed completely. Hind says: “During the journey
of treatment, I know the volunteering work and Baheya was keen on developing my
skills gradually during the treatment journey and the surprising step was to
help me join the American University in Cairo to take a training course in
entrepreneurship. At that time, I decided to start my project. After these years,
when I think of cancer, I see it as a new chance of life”.