Baheya Hospital Made Me Realise That Illness is a Second Chance of Life

I am Simona Labban, a 27-year-old woman who
is married and has a twin. I got married at a young age and gave birth to my
twins a year after getting married. My life went on normally until I suddenly
discovered some swollen parts under my arms and in my breast. I talked to one
of my friends about the matter and she told me that Baheya Hospital provides
free testing services. In the beginning, I did not pay much attention to the
matter, but my friend insisted on the necessity of going to be reassured about
my well-being. I called them on the phone and told them about the symptoms I
have and after a few days, I got a call from the hospital informing me of the
examination appointment.

On the second day, I went to my scheduled
appointment and when I saw the Hospital sign “Baheya for breast cancer early
detection”, I got afraid. However, I plucked up my courage and decided to
continue the experience until the end. In fact, I expected the examination
would be very tiring and exhausting as Baheya is a free hospital that does not
charge patients any costs and I have had previous bad experiences in the free
hospitals. However, I was surprised by the care, cleanliness, and high
efficiency. In a few hours, I did all the necessary tests and scans without
paying a pound.

 3 days after doing the examination and
scan, I got a phone call informing me that I must go to meet the doctor and
there they told me the shocking news. The doctor tried to tell me the fact
gradually and, in the end, I realized that I had breast cancer.

 I remained silent for a while, told the
doctor that I understood what he meant, and left the room. I think I walked
about 5 stations without feeling tired. I was drifting, as written in the
novels. I never thought then what would happen to me all I thought of was what
would happen to my twin. 

 I decided to hold up more and start the
treatment journey and I discovered more and more about Baheya Hospital. I found
great comfort and care since the first day I was supported emotionally. The
doctor sat with me and told me the treatment plan. I listened to him carefully
and I decided not to leave my twin alone. I will fight the illness and death at
the same time for the sake of them. 

 In Baheya Hospital, I started to rediscover
myself as I used to live for my twin only and my world was too small. Through
Baheya I discovered another world as I learned handicrafts as they pay
attention, in Baheya, to the emotional support through many ways as there are
workshops in various fields. I developed many skills through these workshops
which gave me additional support to start living my life again and I feel now
much better thanks to Baheya family.