I Decided to Give Up, but Baheya Renewed Hope in My Heart Again

a year, “....” suffered from major losses at once. She became a divorced woman
who had breast cancer overnight. Life lost its bright colors and turned to a
dark color and a Greek tragedy. “....” did not obtain an academic certificate;
she just learned how to read and write. She got married at a young age and gave
birth to two children and her husband decided to divorce her after a marriage
lasted for years. She had to be satisfied with this fact and started looking
for a job to secure her life and her children’s life but life gave her another

while after the divorce, “....” felt pain in her body. She felt as if something
was eating her body from the inside. She decided to contact Baheya Foundation
after her sister had insisted. She just called them to check on her health and
there she received the big shock: “You have breast cancer”.

talks about this shock: “I never imagined it to be real. I thought at first
that there was a medical error, or my file had been mixed with another
patient’s file. After a while, I realized what was happening, I had breast
cancer. I did not worry about myself, but my biggest fear was my children. For
whom would I leave them after their father abandoned them?”

started her treatment journey in Baheya Foundation and there was the beginning
that was gifted to her by Allah: “I found a new family that embraced me and
provided me with the necessary support to face life again. In Baheya
Foundation, I learned that life is about defeats and victories, and in all cases
I have the necessary power to face the defeat with quietness and the victory
with humbleness”.


the emotional support department at Baheya Foundation, “.....” succeeded in
continuing her education and got the technical diploma certificate. She learned
through workshops and professional training, a new profession that is more
suitable for her as it does not require being out of the home much time. She
says: “Baheya provided me with the necessary support, they helped me to
continue my education and now I have a certificate by which I can progress more
in the educational course. In addition, through the workshops of accessories
making and embroidery, I got a new income source that is suitable for me and
for the conditions of my small family... 
I am grateful for Baheya Foundation, not only for providing me with the
treatment but also for providing me with the necessary support to be able to
face life's difficulties”.