Baheya foundation actions to face the Corona virus

Your health is our responsibility

Recently, the Corona virus has spread and due to our belief in the responsibility towards everyone, we have taken several measures, such as: - Measuring the temperature for each incoming.-Provide protective 'mask'  for fighters- the distances between patients more than a meter.- Continuous sterilization of surfaces throughout the day, as well as places to detect patients using and providing disinfectants everywhere in the institution.-The medical team wears protective masks, especially for patients with chemotherapy sessions.-Spreading awareness about how to prevent corona.- Suspending accepting new patients and cases of early detection in the current period to reduce congestion and risk during the transition to the institution-Receiving patients according to priority, because there are some of them who can amend the postponement treatment plan without harming the patient.- Communication and follow-up with patients who do not have to go to the hospital, and they can distribute treatment remotely.And that by working with a special technology system "HIS" that enables the doctor to see the patient's medical history and through which we can provide medical consultations by phone- Reducing the waiting list.- Using social media to spread awareness and prevention messages against corona virus for female breast cancer patients.- Sterilization and cleaning of surfaces throughout the day, as well as places for detection of patients.- Establishing an infection control team that publishes the necessary awareness, instructions for preventing gatherings, etc.-Provide psychological support sessions individually in case of necessity in order to prevent gatherings.-Prevention of companions, except with incapable patients.Baheya Foundation wishes everyone safe and requires everyone to be at home and take appropriate preventive measures to maintain public safety.

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