Dealing with the chemical therapies fears

Dealing with the chemical therapies fears

Dealing with the chemical therapY fears

 of course You feel worry about the chemical therapy, especially if it was the first time.

DR. Mitch Jolant; health psychologist, and deputy president for researches and training department in the Wellness Community; says "the chemical therapy and the other cancer breast therapies make the disease very real and painful" before you start the medical treatment you may feel good al all. So once you start the treatment, you think wither you are right about this decision. You start comparing the benefits to the side effects. Some people are affected by the side affects more than others, so their fears are more.                                                    

To manage your fears: DR Jolant advises: 1. what are the fears reasons: are you afraid of the side effects of the chemical therapy like: the pain, or sickness, or queasiness? Are you afraid of the hair loss, or any looking changes? As long as you determine the reason, you can discuss it with your doctor, nurse, or specialized cancer adviser, the psychological support department also may help.


The chemical therapy itself causes feelings of fears and worries. DR. Jolant says that searching for the chemical therapy support group may help a lot. "The supporting group could make the chemical therapy experiment more safer and less pain" he adds: "these ladies had already experienced the chemical therapy, so they can help you overcome it. They can guide you to speak about your fears and worries, then you can put a treatment plan together. They can take you to the health care team that you belong to.

Speak up about your fears

As long as you know the reason, you can tell your doctor, or the nurse. Weather it was the injection, the intensive care, or the hospital, the clinic, or the way of taking the chemical therapy itself, your healthy team may help you by every possible means. For example if you afraid of taking the injection in your hand, or your arm, the doctor could put anesthetic or local anesthetic to numb this part.

DR Jolant says "the communication between you and your doctors is the key for best treatment" this is true to manage any kids of fears during the chemical therapy. The trial of dealing by yourself with the fears increases the worries, so you have to speak to the health care team, or the supporting group to help you taking some procedures to reduce your fears and worries.

The comprehensive complementary techniques that limit the fears:

 Although the scientific research in the complementary therapy is somehow new, and the specialized studies pre so limited, the early results proves that some kinds of the complementary therapy will help in limiting the emotional and physical symptoms. When the complementary therapy integrates with the traditional medicine, they may result in complete recovery. There are some comprehensive complementary therapies help in reducing the fears and worries, like:

The therapy through music

The prayer

The psychological support groups