Treatment plan

The plan of cancer breast treatment

The plan of cancer breast treatment

Treatment plan:         

According to diagnosis the disease, the doctors start to put the plan according to the patient’s status. Of course the plan differs from one another.

Why are there different types of treatment?

The nature of the cancer disease needs to get rid of it or controlling it for a long time. As the cancer cells are different, so the therapies are different.

The plan treatment may include:

Surgery operation

It includes four types of surgeries: mastectomy, partial mastectomy, or lumpectomy, lymph node removal, and breast reconstruction, Breast Cancer Surgery.


Radiation therapy

External radiotherapy

External radiotherapy uses a machine outside the body to direct radiation beams at cancer to destroy it.

internal radiation therapy

after doing the lumpectomy surgery, it is placed in your body, very close to or inside the tumor for a short time.  With internal radiation therapy, your body may give off a small amount of Internal Beam Radiation Therapy through the Treatment time.

Radiation therapy may be used in all cancer breast treatment stages. It’s an effective way of limiting the cancer breast disease risk after doing the surgery. Besides it is used to reduce the different cancer side effects in case of spreading in the other body parts.


Chemical therapy

It uses some drugs aiming at destroying the cancer cells. It can be given as a drink, injection or capsules.


Hormones therapy:

It’s used for cancer breast in case of having natural receivers’ hormones. It’s used after the surgery to reduce the risk of cancer breast return. Besides, it’s used to reduce the lump size before the surgery operation, this may help complete lumpectomy.   

The model strategic treatment plan should work against the cancer cells which causes the disease and helps on developing it.


The early detection for cancer breast

Its importance

It happens through simple test called Mammography, this examination is used because many breast cancer symptoms are invisible and not noticeable.

When have you subjected for early detection?

You should start examining in the twenties if you observed any symptoms.

But it’s a must to examine with the after the age of 35, mammogram, besides if the lady’s family has a medical history of the disease.


What about the mammography screening for breast?

At first, the doctor will ask you if you have a medical history for the disease or not

Then, she determines your place on the mammogram, then you put your breast on it. it presses lightly for several seconds on the breast to take a clear photo.

If the result was up normal, you have to examine your health status accurately. Note that not all up normal mammograms results mean that you got ill with the cancer.

The early examination excided the healing percentage up to 98% so we advise all women with the early examination to reveal any worries about their health.


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