Dr. Nevin Al-Qubbaj, announces providing 25 million pounds for Baheya and its fighters

to follow up constructions


 Today, Dr. Nevin Al-Qubbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity visited the new Baheya Sheikh Zayed Hospital to follow up on the latest construction. Eng. Majed Hamdy, a member of the Board of  Baheya Foundation and Baheya team explained all developments for her,, While she expressed her satisfaction, saying:  “I am happy and proud of Baheya, which grows up and reassure every woman, Baheya always opens its doors to every woman, and it will grow more if we gave it a hand so, the ministry provides 25 million pounds for Baheya" During the day, the presenter , Iman Riad, Rahma Khaled, Artist Mariam nagdy and the young singer Hadeel Majed visited baheya  In the same context, construction developments are continuing on Baheya Zayed Hospital, such as We have completed 50% of the walls of the radiation section, 80% of the insulation works, 20% of the columns of the third basement, 100% of the foundations of the radial section, and 57% of the foundations of the building.

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