Baheya welcomes her supporters

With all of love and support


Baheya received a group of supporters, including; Mrs, Amal Salama, a member of the People's Assembly,,, Representative Dr. Dina Hilali, member of the Committee for Human Rights and Social Solidarity,, ,, and Mrs.Lina Safwat Salah El-Din, the Women's Secretariat, the Freedom Party of Egypt ,,, Mrs.Nevin “businesswoman” ,,,, Dr. Hossam, head of the Health Committee,, Prof. Sahar Hussam, the Health Committee,,,, Prof. Mohamed Lashin, the Media Committee,,,, and Prof. Karim Radwan Parliamentary Agent for Dr. Dina Hilali Those who have provided all support to Baheya's role  in providing health and psychological care to every woman from the moment she arrived at the hospital

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