The announcer Lina Shaker visit to the Baheya Foundation

And her inviting to all to visit and support our fighters


 The wonderful announcer, Lina Shaker, responded to the invitation of the Baheya Foundation to visit, and during her visit, She urged everyone to support the foundation and its heroic fighters.During the conversation with her, she said that she had liked the foundation’s slogan “Baheya fi dahr kol set masrya” before, but after her visit, she noticed more details and more real feelings made her believe in the slogan more and more. This is what made her invite everyone to visit the foundation, and she also said that the foundation not only cared about the health wing, but the psychological support wing to all fighters. Lina also indicated that psychological support is very important for every patient.In the last of our conversation with her, she called on everyone to donate to the foundation and stand at the back of the foundation just as the foundation stands in the back of every Egyptian woman.

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