Assala visits Baheya foundation to support breast cancer fighters

With her daughter Sham Al-Dhahabi

Assala and her daughter Sham Al Dhahabi visited  Baheya Foundation yesterday to support  breast cancer fighters, in the presence of Prof. Laila Salem, granddaughter of Mrs, Baheya and a member of  Baheya Foundation's board.Asala expressed her great happiness at being in Baheya foundation and sang for female fighters in order to provide them psychological support.She added that she would like to volunteer in the Psychological Support Department to support female fighters, to share her life stories and experiences to them, and to urge them to overcome pain.Prof. Lilya Salem said that she  is happy because of Assala‘s visit, As it gave fighters psychological support, positive energy, a sense of perseverance and heroism during the healing. She confirmed that she is happy with the visit of Dr. Sham El DHahaby who Came to see Baheya and provide psychological support for her fights; As Asala became an ambassador for Baheya Hospital with that visit.