Taking care of the skin during the chemical therapy

Taking care of the skin during the chemical therapy

Taking care of the skin during the chemical therapy                                           

The breast  cancer treatment may affect the skin. It may be dry, more sensitive to the sun rays, and wind.  

The chemical therapy affects the skin moisture, because it reduces the quantity of the natural oil excreted by the glands. It’s preferred to use high concentrated lotions more than usual.

During the daylight, you have to use:

A good product of protective sun block.

A good product of soap or lotion cream, or clean creams.

Avoid using soap with deodorant, or the highly concentrated perfumes.

Use the children soap; it’s light and without smells.

The sun with the radiation therapy

You have to make additional precautions for the skin, that are objected to the radiation, protecting it from the sun. This skin may get the cancer skin in the future.

The therapy probably focuses on the part near to the middle of the breast. This part also may be objected to the sun as in wearing the swimming suit, so using body lotion, or moisturizer, or sun block with sun protective factor more than %30 is very important.

In case of having the chemical therapy Fluorouracil (5-FU), you observe that taking sunbath is easier, so taking additional precautions to protect yourself from the sun is a must.

 Some precautions to protect your skin from the sun rays

Don’t object to the sun frequently, this may cause cancer skin

On the other hand, the ultraviolet sunlight takes less than 15 minutes to hurt the skin. Although the skin takes more than 12 hours to see the sunburns.

Using good sun protective factors products to protect your skin out, even if it’s not sunny.

Don’t forget your lips medicine. The lips contain a few number of the oily and odorant glands not melanin) a protective chemical substance (exists in the rest of the skin). So, the lips are not protected from ultraviolet sunlight.

Replace the lips cream which contains camphor, or Manfred, or phenol with moisturizer, and sun protective products.

Some advices for healthy skin

Sleep on your back to reduce the bloating that might happen in the morning.

Don't smoke to avoid the cancer lung, it also may cause skin wrinkles.

Don't put any alcohol products; it makes the skin dry even if it was oily skin.

Don't wash your face more than two times per day except in practicing sports. Besides, wash well any sweat before it dries on the face and evaporates.

Use skin cleaner without soap.

Four ways for taking care of the skin

1-     Use face washer and avoid any chemical or soap.

2-     Peel your skin to get rid of the dead skin and get pure skin.

3-     Ask your doctor for the best lotions' products and use it frequently.

4-     Use good sun protector product to avoid the impact or the harmful sun rays.