Training Department

Training Department

Over 5 years, we managed, through the training department at Baheya Hospital, to train about 5000 students and graduates from different scientific faculties inside and outside Egypt.

The training center of Baheya Hospital started working in 2017 setting a defined and clear strategy and a complete vision for training and development.

Our training strategy is to enhance training and continuous learning and experience exchange inside and outside Egypt in both the medical and  management fields.

The training center aims at providing medical training and scientific support for doctors and pharmacists whether they are students or graduates inside or outside Egypt in all specialties that serve breast cancer treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, diagnostic radiation, clinical pharmacy, medical tests and biopsies).

In addition, the center aims to provide medical and field training for the students of medical sciences faculties before graduation, training courses for the students of nursing faculties and institutes. It seeks to hold an annual international scientific conference that discusses everything related to breast cancer including the training of students and graduates using tailored training courses.

First: Training Students

Students from the following faculties are eligible for training:

• Faculty of Physical Therapy.

• Faculty of Agriculture

• Faculty of Pharmacy

• Faculty of Pharmacy

• Faculty of Science: departments of Chemistry and Physics

• Faculty of Medicine

• Faculty of Medical Engineering

Second: Training Graduates

• Faculty of Science

• Faculty of Pharmacy

• Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pathology (Departments of Surgery, Radiotherapy, diagnostic radiation and the Faculty of Physical Therapy) Graduates will be trained for the following departments (Physical therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, laboratory, diagnostic radiation, surgery, quality, medical engineering and pathology department)

The student or graduate gets a certificate of training hours accredited by Baheya Training Center and the American Society for Continuous Medical Learning. If the student needs to do a graduation project, he/she can do it under the supervision of the scientific research department. 

For registration and more details about the deadlines and registrations requirements, contact us via the email: [email protected]