Maya Morsi, Zeinab Bashir and a group of women from the community, art and media visit to Baheya

In an official visit to Bahia Hospital, Bahia Hospital welcomed Maya Morsi, Zaynab Basheer and a group of the women of media, art, and society in it.


In an official visit to Bahia Hospital, baheya Hospital welcomed Maya Morsi, Zaynab Basheer and a group of the women of media, art, and society in it.

Baheya foundation for early discovery and cancer breast treatment received a unique and distinguished visit from the national council for women, on Wednesday evening the 29th of September. On the head of the visit, Maya Morsi the head council accompanied by a group of businesswomen. On the top of these ladies comes Zaynab Basheer; a businesslady and an ambassador of Monaco institute for charitable works. A group of media women also joined like Jasmine Taha Zaki, Mariam Amin and El Hanan Bahi. The artists Naglaa badar, Engi El Moqdem, and Manal Slamah attend too. At the beginning of the visit, Mr.Tamer Shawqi, the head of Bahia’s council welcomed Madam Maia Morsi  the head of the national council for women for her great effort in support Bahia from the early stages of the construction. On the other hand, Madam Maia spoke about Bahia’s achievements in supporting its beautiful fighters and the professionalism of the medical and treatment sides as well as its administration council. She also referred that she and Bahia’s council are seeking for reducing the waiting lists in the hospital, which may be a main reason for early discovering of the disease, and treat it.

 She also assured that Bahia achieved many successes in receiving the patients and doing many surgeries and chemical sessions for them. She resumed, our role now is to complete our good work in Bahia with spreading continuous awareness and spreading Baheya’s model on the national and international sides. Then she thanked all attendance, and assured that they produce strong and influential support. She announced that one of Baheya cancer fighters, Hagah Rawia, joined the health committee in the national council of women. 

On the other side, the media wome, Jasmine Taha Zaki, Mariam Amin, and El Hanan Bahi express their happiness by the visit , and they referred to the positive energy in Baheya’s team. The artists, Naglaa Badar, Engi el Moqdem, and Manal Salmah were keen on taking memorial photos with Bahia’s cancer fighters.  

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