Baheya Foundation obtained ISO certification

Because of her efforts in helping cancer patients


In a cheerful and distinctive atmosphere, the leaders of the board of directors, heads of departments and employees celebrated Baheya Hospital for early detection and free treatment of tooth tumors; By obtaining the three ISO certificates in field quality systems and occupational health, through my assignment of great efforts and distinguished investments that win cancer patients from various governorates of Egypt During the ceremony, all participants in the quality training were honored and the leaders of the hospital's board of directors and the heads of various departments and departments of the hospital were honored by officials and institutional leaders, partner of the Near East Service of Euro Cert. It proves that the hospital includes a medical team, subject and management at the highest level, and they have obtained distinguished training by the NES-Euro Cert Partner, where training was carried out in all three specification requirements, through special cadres in the higher management in the treatment and support departments of the various management systems.And training for workers in vocational training, and establishments for workers in the two fields working in the field of training and implementation in continuous training were established in 1992, training them and completing the implementation of the main requirements, and the hospital obtained international certificates well-deserved. Where the hospital obtained a quality management system in accordance with the quality specifications of ISO9001 version 2015 and environmental, environmental specifications Iso 14001 version 2015 and the specifications of occupational safety and health Iso 45001 version 2018.

 Conforming to international quality standards, the hospital’s endeavor to provide all services in the various services provided by hospitals and internationally, the continuation of providing the best international services for cancer patients.

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