Qualifications / Requirements

Job Requirements: -

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:

-       Bachelor’s Degree (MBA Preferred) with demonstrated experience in planning/analysis

Minimum Experience:

-       10+ years of professional experience, typically in strategy

-       Leadership experience and track record of managing high performing teams 

-       Clear strategic thinking and ability to create buy-in and influence at the C-suite level.

-       Understanding of operations, business models, and value chain in healthcare

Function Technical Competencies / Skills: -

- Strategic and Business Planning

- Deal Sourcing, Market Research

Sales, Communications, and Relationship Management



Function Key Roles and Responsibilities: -

-       Develop and implement go-to-market strategies (e.g., for new services, pricing,

or organizational design)

-       Provide business analytic expertise (e.g., revenue, partner, market and

competitive trends and insights, profitability analysis) to help drive initiatives

critical to ongoing growth

-        Stay on top of market trends and changes in the competitive landscape, and

share appropriate insights with the team

-       Assist in developing initiatives, that focus on long-term plans to increase

opportunities and revenue

-        Evaluate, determine, and realize annual business goals

-       Create business development database in order to evaluate performance

-     Fosters beneficial relationships with business partners, potential donors, and

business contacts in order to attract new business and enhancing organization


-        Evaluate market conditions, competitor data & implement business

development plan alterations as needed.

-        Performs marketing trend, and

-        Responsible for research and analysis the utilization of various market

-        Analyzes business processes and identifying opportunities to generate

additional growth






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