Manage healthcare IT applications. Be responsible for daily operation; service to all the issues
related to application, handle all the IT requests including report, application and ad hoc report
requests. Manage any processes to ensure encounters and electronic claims will load to system
accurately and timely. Communicate with all the related medical groups and hospitals
 Responsible for all healthcare IT aspects of the business, including strategy & planning, advice &
support, resources.
 Manage/Direct and coach the IT application team through reporting to ensure business continuity.


1. Application Management & Technical Problem Solving:
 Able to Judge and solve a range of common and more complex IT applications problems.
 Guide the IT application teams, Supervisors, Team leaders to gain Professional IT application
 Coach IT application teams to achieve business objectives.
 Establish an IT application flow that enables all IT application teams to achieve their part of
the flow smoothly and comfortably to achieve the goals of the Dept.
 plan, lead and implement system analysis/business analyst and design activities to assure the
collection of primary data to match required indicators and those of interest.
 Inputting of data into electronic format and integration of identified Health IT data sources.
 Implementation of data quality standards.
 Oversee Health IT systems development activities to support data analysis and modeling.
 Manage/Support the design, analysis and implementation of a patient registry and a shared
health record.
 Develop use cases to guide systems development or changes to existing systems to improve
data interoperability.
 Complete software development assignments to specifications provided.
 Conduct unit, system and integration testing to ensure new software meets requirements
and is bug-free (this includes peer-review testing).
 Implement strategies to improve the use of health informatics data for clinical and program
 Work in collaboration with the program team to analyze data and comply with reporting and
project requirements.
2. Policies and Reporting:
 Perform monthly reports to senior director/CIO including the dept KPI and ongoing project
 Evaluate IT application teams and create their appraisal quarterly.
 Ready for ad-hoc reports and tasks.
 Create/assign/apply IT Application policies in environment.
 Responsible for all IT application documentation.
3. 3rd party and Vendor management:
 Cooperate with procurement dep to prepare the technical requirements for IT application
needs and devices which are necessary.
 Participate in vendor screening from technical perspective.
 Review and comment on all healthcare IT application vendor contract.
 He/She will work closely with staff from the Ministry of Health and Social Services, as well as
with other ministries, development agencies and implementing partners to agree on
standards for shared data elements and oversee the design and development of tools that
will facilitate data exchange between Health IT systems and address any gaps in data
collection tools.

Qualifications / Requirements

 B.Sc. of Information Technology. Or similar Postgraduate studies are preferable.
 10 to 13 years over all experience.
 4 to 7 years of experience at the same position (IT application manager), and preferably
healthcare background.
General skills:
 Strong leadership and organizational skills.
 Excellent communication and soft skills.
 Aware of other function working rather than IT application.

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