A Love & support message for every woman fight breast cancer

A woman with breast cancer is a woman

A message with the perfume of love and support for all our fighters, one day we received a sad message from a lady in her forties but it aroused our lovely feelings and enlighten our way to write this article for supporting and helping every woman diagnosed with Breast cancer. Many women do themselves wrong after few days from their first sessions with chemotherapy or after a surger ، The main reasons are hair loss or a surgical excision, she suffers changes with her appearance.The lady has said describing her feelings “I felt ugly, and low self-esteem- Ashamed for s.th that i can’t control” …Also said “My husband has the total right to marry other women who can serve and please him” “ I don’t won’t to let my family see me that way, even hate to socialize or attending any occasions and especially to meet my old peers”It’s all about disappointment feelings, no one deserve to tell him\her self such bad and tough words.We can say to her and to all women, each time you face this feeling, remember your strength points, how beautiful you are inside and how many people felt love and acceptance because of you. Your value is in you spirt and impact on others life especially if you are a mother & remember that you still have a life message to your young world “family & Friends “and to the whole world too...For your Family, keep on sharing good moments with them, caring on their daily issues and involve them on your daily issues, thoughts -you can make a time every night to share your internal struggles as well as your daily routine.Read more about what to expect from your husband, and you can share with him these ideas to let him help and support you the right way. Your friends, simply just believe that you can lean on them, and they may help you have a safe zone to talk and to enjoy your time ...Here in Baheya we usually help fighters to make friends and be highly involved in a community through group therapy sessions\ trips \ gatherings ...etc. Your impact on the whole word is all about not surrendering, be inspiring to other fighters and make a life story nice to be heard and very valuable.